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What is CertGED?

CertGED is the innovative Certification in Data Governance and Strategy awarded by the Club Chief Data Officer Spain & Latam in collaboration with IE University.

Who is it for?

Data professionals with experience in areas of Data, Data Management or information analysis, who seek to raise their knowledge and have a practical 360ª vision of the world of data, the new economy’s fuel.

  • Experienced professionals with technological background interested in having a global and practical vision of data management and strategy.
  • Engineering, Technology or Business graduates who want to get specialized and start a career in data management.​
  • Consultants who need to train or retrain in data and obtain an exclusive certification.​
  • ​Professionals that have recently joined a Chief Data Officer or Chief Digital Officer team, and who want to be certified to accelerate their onboarding and global vision of the role.

What does it consist of?

The Data Governance and Strategy Certification will give you a complete vision of the world of data, from a mainly practical point of view.

In each of the five modules (Information Governance, Data Value Chain, Security and Privacy, Data Strategy and Practical Applications), real cases will be analyzed and will help you have a comprehensive vision of the practical implementation of each of the scopes.

The Certification Thesis seeks to design a Data Strategy in a real company, preferably yours.

We will use unique innovative pedagogical tools in the market

As a pedagogical aid, we will use the material developed by the Club: the dataToolkit and the dataMat. Both tools are unique in the market and have been developed by the Club CDO Spain & Latam.

The dataToolkit is a conceptual guide that helps you develop a data strategy and overcome the challenges to maximize the value of your data and the dataMat is a tool that will help you determine the maturity level of your company in Data Management, Government and Strategy.

As a student, what will you get?

  • You will enhance your CV with an accredited Certification for professional practice
  • A complete and pragmatic view of the data value chain
  • You will be able to organize a Data Management and Governance area in your company
  • Understand the strategic elements of a data driven organization
  • Know the keys to a successful management of the data journey
  • Practical application with CDO teachers from the main Spanish & Latam companies

CertGED details


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