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Club CDO Spain & Latam, formed by the main Spanish and Latam companies, has created a Data Maturity Assessment that we have named dataMat by Club CDO.

What is dataMat?

dataMat is a tool that, through an online questionnaire, helps you find out the data maturity level of your company, covering areas such as Data Management, Government or Strategy.

dataMat has been created by the Club CDO Spain & Latam

We want this diagnostic questionnaire to become the industry benchmark to measure the maturity level of organizations in terms of Data.

dataMat covers all industries and geographies and has been created to provide a valuable service to professionals in the global data universe.

Business schools such as IE University and institutions such as CEOE already use dataMat

dataMat is the data governance and strategy assessment tool that is used in the CertGED Certification of the Club CDO Spain & Latam & IE University, and in academic entities such as CEOE Campus it is integrated as a key piece in their training program.


What result will I get?

Once finished, you will obtain a personalized report with a final score (between 1 and 5) in each of the 21 areas of data management, grouped into four large domains: data governance, strategy, advanced analytics, reporting and self-service.

Why is the usage of dataMat essential and strategic in your work as a CDO?

  • It has been created by data professionals, CDOs who know the starting point of data management in our companies.
  • It allows you to evaluate and measure the maturity level of your company in Management, Data Strategy, Reporting and Self-service and Advanced Analytics areas and get a complete report of the state of art as well as analyze its evolution in order to present improvement results and short and mid-term evolution plans.

In case of usage acceptance of the dataMat, an email will be sent to you with information about the terms and conditions of the tool and the optimal scenarios for using this asset from the Club Chief Data Officer Spain & Latam.

How is the dataMat accessed?

If you are a member of the Club CDO Spain & Latam, you can access dataMat directly through the Log in button on the Club’s website by including your username and password.

If you are NOT a member of the Club and you are interested, please complete this registration form to request the dataMat and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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